Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why so shocked

It has really shocked me at how many people across the globe where taken back when Afghanistan decided to try a convert, for not renounces his conversion to Christianity and accepting Islam. After all this is a conservative Muslim country that’s constitution is clearly based off Islamic Law. Under Islam one of the most heinous of crimes you can do is be a believer who abandons or turns their back on their faith. It’s considered a cirme worthy of death, and considered far worse then being a Christian, or a Jew. Which under most interpretations of Islam are considered not all that bad, since you at least still believe in the same god. Fuck even being a non believer is better after all at least you have always been blind and unable to accept the light of god. To be a believer though in the one and only true faith and then to turn your back on it is simply unacceptable under Islam. Did people really think that when the Taliban left, and a theocracy was put in place that the country would be free of religious oppression. I sure hope not, after all this is a country that let the Taliban take power and all though there is no doubt that some disagree a majority wished to follow Islamic law. The reason the Taliban where so disliked was because of the brutal tactics which they used in the ruling of their people and its senseless killings. Not to mention between the civil war and it’s seemingly incompetent since of economics, the economy of Afghanistan virtually collapsed under the Taliban. Islamic rule is the one thing the Afghani people agreed with them on. Just look at Iraq, well there is no doubt that the people will not be as oppressed under the constitution as they where under Saddam. It’s now based on Islamic law and many especially women have lost many of their rights which they had under Sadams brutal regime. The western world must realize that for the most part the middle east is a conservative Muslim strong hold, and well economically and dealing with the western world it may be in the process of becoming more liberal it will likely be many a year if ever before it becomes more liberal in its views on religions tolerance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Human life lost is human life lost

Humans are Humans.

In recent months a concerning trend in public opinion towards what we should do in Iraq has developed. Time to pull out; it’s what I hear on the news in public opinion polls, and on the street. While I’m sorry it may be time for change, but leave I think not. I’m not saying that I think we should stay until the insurgency is subdued, for I think as long as we stay the insurgents will fight, but I am saying we need to stay until there is a legitimate and well trained military and police force in Iraq. If we do not do this countless human lives will be lost, and I know my opinion is the minority but Human life lost is Human life lost. The death of a few thousand American soldiers lives is tragic but it is no more tragic then the same quantity of Iraqis dying. We already made the mistake of using force to change the government in Iraq lets not make another mistake that leads to the possible deaths of millions of humans.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Those fighting for the enviroment


Eco-activist often labeled as Eco-terrorist by many people have until recently refrained from using violent tactics to protect the environment and the animals they fight for. That is changing while there are still countless more environmental groups that use diplomatic tactics to work towards getting animals rights and protecting our environment, the number of violent groups is growing rapidly. Why? Many younger environmental activist have the view that the government and corporations will never respond positively to non violent forms of protest aimed at stopping the slaughter of animals and the destruction of the wild world, they also see that the government often removes protections they have granted in the past to animals or eco-systems when they become inconvenient to the corporate world. The result of these actions by the government is the anarchy style groups like the EFL and AFL which have been launching countless attacks on ranger stations, research labs, gas guzzling and I must say wasteful SUVS, fur farms, and areas of development that threaten the wild eco systems of this country. These attacks have inflicted millions upon millions in damage, though they have never inflicted any human casualties. In response to the attacks the US government has cracked down hard on these groups but do to their lack of a hierarchy these groups are hard to infiltrate and this has reduced the amount of successful arrest the government has been able to make. You can not deny the fact that these groups have brought national even world wide attention to their causes they would of never seen other wise, but it has been negative, and they very rarely have managed to shut down the businesses or prevent development permanently. So why do they continue to use these tactics? Simple they believe in harmony with nature not the domination of nature the corporate world so dearly cherishes, and they are willing to fight, go to jail, and sometimes even die for their beliefs. If the US wants these groups to cease their violent attacks then it must start to work with the more moderate and legitimate groups to protect our environment and animal rights, and save are world from certain disaster.

Personal note I do not condone the actions of these groups.I am currently in the process of trying to start up my own non-violent group in Lawrence, Kansas interested go to

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A million dollars for this


Tell me what you think, but I must say that I live in Kansas and I definitely don’t think that big is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Kansas. Here are some better slogans for the state, and I’m not even charging million dollars for them.

Kansas as conservative as you think

Kansas we have the wizard of oz going for us

Kansas not as many tornado hit us as you may think

Kansas the land of heterosexual married couples

Kansas the state that under funds its schools

Kansas as backward as you think

Kansas not as backwards as the deep south

Kansas will be completely red when we finish destroying KU

Kansas as anti science as you think

Kansas the home of Fred Phelps

Incompetent the US government is

"If necessary, however, under long-standing principles of self-defence, we do not rule out use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack," it says.

"When the consequences of an attack with WMD [weapons of mass destruction] are potentially so devastating, we cannot afford to stand idly by as grave dangers materialise."

The US government is completely incompetent when it comes to international affairs, wait what am I saying their just incompetent period. The government has just recently re affirmed its position that it has the right to attack and remove another government it feels poses the potential of threatening are national security. Better get prepared to be enlisted through the draft. Will soon be attacking China, North Korea, Russia, and hell the European Union for that matter. We have issues with all of these groups , fuck China is clearly decided it wants to be not only an economic super power, but also a military super power. If I had to pick country that could hold its own against the US right now in a traditional war it would be China and its only began to emerge as a military power just wait ten years. So if the US plans on removing all threats preemptive shouldn’t we attack China now instead of waiting? Wait that’s right their million man plus army and nuclear capability. You notice we are no longer vocally threatening attacks on North Korea like we originally where. O yea that’s right we think they may have nuclear weapons now. To me it seems to me we are pretty clearly set at taking Irains government out and trying to replace it with a democracy , funny their still along way away from nuclear capability. The USA first strike plan should really be called it is our way or we over throw you, that is unless you actually pose threat to us already plan. For fuck sack people stop letting are government fuck up our relation ships with the world or we soon may find are selves at war with the world.

Please check out this article

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Interesting idea, but will it work?

Pentagon plans cyber-insect army
By Gary Kitchener
BBC News

The Pentagon's defence scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled to check out explosives and send transmissions.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Will Iraq be consumed by civil war, it’s a question many including myself have contemplated and weighed in on. A question though that has not been asked as much is if it happens will Iraq have an army or police force to even fight for it, or will it simply disbanded and join the different militias based on religious divides. It’s a real concern why? To make it easier to train and develop the army and police force of Iraq, the US and the Iraq government has basically segregated the forces by Sunni, Shiite, and the Kurds. By doing this they have been able to reduce the awkwardness of training and fighting along beside some one you just don’t like, but at the same time has prevented bonds to be formed between the Sunni and the Shiites in the army and so if civil war where to break out you may very well see people in the armed forces choice to fight with those of the same belief systems, rather then the Iraq army which they have no ties to if their religious sect leaves it. Evidence to support this theory may already be showing themselves as cases are now being documented where forces of Sunni or Shiite have reportedly looked the other way in multiple cases when there own religious sect was attacking the other. No, I’m not saying I think this will happen for the sack of the innocent people of Iraq I have to hold on to the hope that if civil war does break out which I believe it will that the Iraq government will have people there to fight and protect its from other wise certain collapse.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A gay mans view on Fred Phelps right to free speech

Censorship of Fred Phelps

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Fred Phelps the anti-gay reverend of Topeka has recently gained national attention for protesting at fallen US soldiers funerals, who according to Fred Phelps have been killed by god because of the United States acceptance of the homosexual life style. Now politicians across the country want to bar people from protesting at funerals. Now don't go getting me wrong I don't support what he has to say or the actions he has taken to convey his message by any means, after all I am myself a member of the gay community and deeply offended when some one tells me that soldiers are dying because of my lifestyle and that I should be lynched in the streets. However I still have to support his right to free speech. No matter how hate full, hurt full, and wrong he might be we still must give him the same rights as every one else, and restricting all speech is simply unacceptable. Why? Simple if legislation is passed to sensor one groups free speech or the speech of all groups in a location then it opens the door for that legislation to be used against other groups or in other areas, as well as more restrictive legislation to be passed in the future, and I'm sorry but I can not support legislation that could lead to the dismantling of the first amendment. My hearts though does go out to the families of all the soldiers who have died and especially to those who have been unlucky enough to deal with Fred Phelps protesting at their sons and daughters funerals.


Abortion is probably the most polarized of subjects that is being debated in the US right now along with gay spousal rights of course. Why? Simple, in America it is for the most part taught in Christianity that all human life is precious and that if you get pregnant it is gods will and their for by aborting the baby your disobeying god hence why some Christians especially Catholics don’t support abortion, birth control, or masturbation. Then on top of that you have the questions of wither or not a fetus is a human and if you see it has a human then does that give it the automatic right to live and the same is to be said if you don’t see it as person but just a living thing. Well I can not answer nor will I weigh in with my personal opinion on this subject for or against it. However, I will say several things regarding abortion. If abortion is to be legal then it implies that homicide charges can not be brought against a person for the killing of a pregnant women’s unborn child. Yet it is, and this is a clear double slandered which is not allowed in are laws. You also have the issue that state run foster care programs as well as orphanages are over burdened and under funded. Yes there are always parents wanting to adopt but they mainly want newborns, and they often find it hard to cut through the red tape if not impossible. On top of this you have the fact that many parents decide to keep the child even when they have been planning to give it up from the get go, I have even read cases of children being taken away from their adoptive parents because the mom had given it up because of financial burden, but now their fiancés are better so they want their child back. Before we go considered making abortions illegal or hard to get we must first deal with adoption system and are laws regarding biological parents versus adoptive parents. Another factor that we must address is sex education for youth. Many say that simply teaching kids not to have sex until marriage is good enough well others say teaching only safe sex is the answer, well I'm sorry both sides suck. To teach kids to wait tell marriage exclusively is foolish since in most states the age a child can marry is long past the age that puberty sets in and let me tell you that you never will convince even close to all children of the US that waiting tell their 18 or even sixteen is a good idea so safe sex must be taught. You must also teach children about finding someone your compatible with and other options to marriage. Birth control also must be encouraged I know its controversial to many but it is foolish not to use it especially if you against abortion since there is always the issue of rape incest and children doing thing there not suppose to be doing. Due you really want your child bringing up a kid at the age 15 in today’s society where you have to have degree to make anything, it will likely lead to both of them living in poverty, and if you think adoption is the answer you may find it surprisingly hard to make your child give up their unborn or newborn child and don’t you dare force them, that will destroy them psychologically. In the end this issue will likely never be resolved or at least in the forcible future, but I hope that what ever the decision it isn’t based on religious beliefs but instead on the good of the families who are having the children and the unborn fetus itself.

Iraq hasn’t plunged into all out civil war yet but it is on the right path for civil war. Over 400 people haven been killed in attacks by Sunni and Shiite militias during the last week, and there is no sign of let down in attacks by either side. At least the government is working to some extent, together to try and curb the violence, but other than this the situation has not improved and with out success curbing the violence civil war will break out.

Civil war is it about to unfold

Feb 23rd


Civil war in Iraq its been on the minds of Iraqis and concerned people around the world since the fall of the brutal Saddam regime and now the world holds it breath and waits for the civil war may be on the verge of starting. With Sunni and Shite militias attacking each others civilian populations in broad daylight in the streets of Baghdad it would appear that things are spiraling out of control since Sunni bombers supposedly attacked one of the most holiest of Shiite mosque in Iraq, in response to the attack Shite militias have been torching Sunni mosques with over 200 reportedly attacked and in one case pulling 47 factory workers from their cars executing them and throwing them into a ditch. In response to this Sunni politicians have with drawn from the political process accusing the Shite majority of doing little to stop the reprisal violence. With things out of control the president has ordered a curfew extending into Friday to try and prevent people from launching attacks but so far it appears it hasn’t stopped the violence and the death toll is now well over 100 people.

Bush For once I'm with you

Feb 21st


Well its official I’ve lost all faith in the belie this is the land of the free, as you may know that both parties on capital hill are in the process of creating legislation to stop the Arab owned company Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates from purchasing 6 ports currently operated by a British company in the US. Why? Well they say that economic freedom stops when terrorism takes over and since it’s a Arab nation which has al Qaeda operation within its borders it’s simply to dangerous to allow them to take over management of the ports. That’s right because Al Qaeda operates in it, let us not forget Al Qaeda has and continues to operate in the US should that mean that are companies should not be permitted to operate ports here? According to many on both sides of the line in congress the answer is yes. Luckily as much as I hate to say Bush is their to say no you can’t due this to a company and has promised to veto any legislation that would block the hand over of ownership at the ports. For once bush I support you


Feb 17th,2006

While the mid east process is once again out of ordered after it came to a sudden stop three weeks ago. With Hamas refusing to recognize Israel or denounce violence, Israel and the world are threatening sanction, that are sure to be welcomed with violence by Hamas. It would appear you can expect the end of negations and the beginning of more suicide attacks, if not all out war. The questions now are why this happened, and what could be done to resolve this. While the main reason is simple Hamas was elected to run the government of Palestine, but why. Corruptions its that simple the Fatah had long since been synonymous with corruption only given their party members jobs forcing people to pay to get a job and flat out stealing millions in aid money from their people. Hamas was seen as a powerful and incorruptible alternative option that the people where clearly whiling to pick even it meant further hardship under Israel pressure and lose of foreign aid. What could have been done to stop this out control situation? While this is a little bit more complex for the after election situation the Israelis and the rest of the world should have taken a less pro Israel view stance and given Hamas a chance to do what every one wanted to do with out telling them. For if there is one thing you can say about Hamas is that it’s not to be told what to do. Once boxed in a corner only violence can come from Hamas and I fear that is what will happen. Pre election options where also equally difficult but I think would have been the best option which where basically to force the Fatah party to clean up its act, but instead the world has simply worried about the Fatah denounce the actions by Hamas and getting control of them, even though Hamas was clearly more than a formidable opponent to the legitimate military during these demands by the world.

In the end though I cant say with any real hope that much could have been done with this situation when looking how the different parties have dealt with each other in the past and I can only hope this doesn’t turn into another massive war that destabilizes the mid east further.

Feb 17th

Haiti declared a winner in its election all I have to say to this is we while see,5 but I hold no hope for stability in this country and even expect a violent after election protest by parties that didn’t win.

Feb16th 2006

The UN declared that Guantanamo Bay detainees are being treated so poorly that its worth declaring it torture and that the prison must be dismantled and the prisoners released or charged. The US of course has taken its’ usual stance of saying fuck you, we are above NATO’s stances on a situation, and basically laughed at the accusations. I wish it amazed me that the general public has not lashed out against the administration over Guantanamo. How is it that so many people don’t see that it things like this that cause people like bin laden to develop the views they have of America?

Cheney shoots man

Feb 16th, 2006

Vice president shoots man

Many people out there are baffled as to why a hunting accident has gripped the attention of the nation’s media and created a fire storm of controversy. After all it had nothing to due with the actually government and it was a private matter. Well the issue is simple if the executive branch was thinking it would be able to sweep under the rug the fact that the vice president shot a person then it would imply that it likely tries to do the same with larger matters. This little issue is basically the straw that broke the camels back. For the first time the administration cant hid behind national security or it’s an ongoing investigation, and has failed to come up with a legitimate excuse as to why it failed to reveal the situation to the public.

This is bad for an administration that has been plagued with scandals and controversy range from detention of foreign civilians with out criminal charges to spying on their own people with out a warrant. Members of the executive have even been accused of selling stocks improperly, and awarding contracts to companies on the bases that they had ties to the administration in the past. In the end don’t expect to see the fall of the bush administration but it will no doubt fuel the divisions that continue to widen in this country under this “love’em or hate’em administration.”


Feb 11,2006

This poem is my interpretation of the reaction to the recent publication of political cartoons depicting Mohamed, in various newspapers across the world. On the “western side” you have cartoonists who are willing to risk their lives to express what they see as Muslim threats smothering their freedom of speech. Unfortunately, such publications blatantly offend Muslims, who are willing to die for their freedom of religion, which, in their minds, calls for the destruction of all who visually depict their prophet or god.

Freedom is a funny thing; for what is freedom for one person is shameful and unacceptable to another.

Both sides can be argued as hypocritical in nature. How many times have parts of the Muslim world called the holocaust a farce and for the destruction of Israel because of its’ predominantly Jewish population.

If Muslims want their freedom of religion respected, it’s only reasonable for them to respect the religions of others. The Western world on the other hand, is equally wrong for condemning the actions and even threatening to place sanctions on Muslim countries, like Iran, for developing nuclear technology, their refusal to recognize the existence of Israel, and for taking action against Palestinians for freely electing a body it feels will best represent them.

Shame on all of us



I desire


I die for


I will never achieve


You desire


You die for


You will never achieve


We all desire


We all die for


We will all never achieve


What a shame it differs for you and me